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6th Annual Milwaukee County DOT Truck ROADeo Big Success

County Mutual Sponsors Event; Aegis Corporation Provides Training

A strong and vibrant infrastructure is at the foundation of a strong Milwaukee and Wisconsin economy. Keeping our roads and airport healthy every day are the hundreds of Milwaukee County Department of Transportation (DOT) employees.  Without them Milwaukee County's roads wouldn't be cleared of snow, potholes would go unfilled and planes couldn't take off or land.

To provide ongoing safety training for Milwaukee County DOT employees, the county's insurer, the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (County Mutual), in partnership with Local 882 and the Milwaukee County Risk Management Department, hosted the Sixth Annual Milwaukee County DOT Truck ROADeo May 16-17, 2012.

The two-day event focused on education and enrichment and was held at the  Airport 440th Airlift Wing Entrance 300 E. College Avenue The free event included a timed road course challenge, vehicle inspection, commercial driver's license quiz and other educational sessions and speakers. 

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