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Aegis Corporation Holds Successful 4th Annual A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge

Statewide Event Held October 7th in Portage County

Aegis Corporation, working as general administrator of the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation, held the successful 4th Annual Advanced Law Enforcement Risk Training (A.L.E.R.T.) Law Enforcement Challenge.  Close to 30 member law enforcement departments from around Wisconsin competed at the event on Wednesday, October, 2015.   See pictures from the 2015 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge here. 

This year's event was held at the Portage County Sheriff's Department Rifle Range in Stevens Point and the top five winners were:

  • First place: Robert Wanta, Portage County Sheriff's Department
  • Second place: Evan Mazur, Jackson County Sheriff's Department
  • Third place: Eric Hartwig, Iowa County Sheriff's Department
  • Fourth place: Clint Czerwinski, Winnebago County Sheriff's Department
  • Fifth place: Corey Dassow, Taylor County Sheriff's Department

 The competition course was revised in 2015 and competitors:
    •    Ran 200 yards along with a dummy drag;
    •    Scaled a four foot wall, and
    •    Shot both rifle and pistol.

Course Details:
    •    Competitors ran 200 yards.
    •    During the second fifty yards, the competitor dragged a sixty pound tube of sand in a sea bag and continued with the run.
    •    For the last 50 yards, the competitor scaled a four-foot wall continued on to shoot their rifle.
    •    Competitor shot a rifle of their choice, with or without optics, at a target 70 yards away from a shooting position of their choice five times.
    •    Competitor then transitioned to their service pistol, shooting at a target five yards away while standing three rounds, then change magazines and fired again three times at a target seven yards away.
    •    Rifle was staged at the firing line. Magazine was in the magazine well, chamber empty, safety on. Competitors did not run with their rifle.
Point System:
    •    100 points were awarded for participants who completed the course in thirty seconds or less. For every second over thirty seconds a point will be deducted.
    •    110 points total were awarded for shooting. The maximum point per shot was ten.
    •    Total shots fired was eleven.
    •    The total overall points is 210.

The A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge was FREE to member law enforcement departments of the County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation and included a timed skills challenge, all training sessions and lunch.

Sheriffs, chief deputies, firearms training officers, and law enforcement committee members, as well as chiefs, assistant chiefs, training officers and public safety committee/commission members were in attendance at the event. 

Individual prizes were awarded to top finishers and cash prizes awarded to the top finishers' departments. The first place finisher's department received $10,000; $8,000 for second place, $6,000 for third place, $4,000 for fourth place and $2,000 for 5th place.

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