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Plow Ride-Along with Portage County Highway Department Shows Challenges of Job

Recently Aegis Corporation Field Claims Representative Laurie Miskanis-Cisewski participated in a ride along with the Portage County Highway Department while they were out clearing snowy roads.

Laurie rode along on a portion of I-39 with Portage County Highway employee Randy Piotrowski. They first cleared the drive lane, then the passing lane including the middle, shoulders and ramps. She was able to see both wings in action on the ramps.

"It's a tough job. We finished the north bound, then southbound and the ramps, with plowing first, then salt, said Laurie. "By the time the plow truck was empty on salt, the entire road needed clearing again!"

She continued, "It was a wonderful experience and I understand so much more now. To see the road and the obstacles from the perspective of our county plow drivers will help me do my job so much more effectively."

From pre-claim loss control through litigation, Aegis Corporation specializes in a wide array of claims management solutions designed specifically for governmental entities, school districts or businesses.

"This ride along is a perfect example of how we work very closely in partnership with our clients," said Aegis Corporation Executive Vice President John Dirkse.  "Our highway department crews are out there year round and we are committed to helping them do this dangerous job as safely as possible.  Alongside the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation, we also host our annual Highway Safety Days, truck rodeos and topic-specific training in highway shops around the state."

Using the latest technology, coupled with our readily accessible staff of experts, Aegis Corporation is here to help you handle your claims.  For more information on our claims services, click here.

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