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Aegis Corporation Risk Management Staff Conducting Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

As General Administrator of the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation, Aegis Corporation has created a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment program, available to ALL insurance program members at no additional cost.  Aegis Corporation Risk Management Consultants are conducting the training in every corner of the state.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic and Safer at Home orders in effect, our members and their employees are doing their part to halt the spread of the coronavirus by instructing employees to work-from-home. As a result, many employees are working from kitchen tables, beds, sofas or any other impromptu desk that presents itself. Prolonged work in these conditions and without a proper ergonomic setup can cause general discomfort, musculoskeletal issues, and exacerbate underlying conditions or pre-existing ailments.

The Virtual Ergonomic Assessments will connect your employees with County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation Risk Management Consultants who will lend their expertise in ergonomics to provide quality recommendations to achieve a ergonomically-conscious workstation and promote work-from-home wellness. Each Assessment will last approximately one (1) hour.

Work-from-home employees who wish to schedule a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment can do so by clicking on the The Virtual Ergonomic Assessment flyer here.  Within this document is the County Mutual Risk Management Consultant map and which person is assigned to your county.

Employees will be able to select a preferred time based on their consultant's availability. Once selecting the time, the employee will provide their information and complete a brief registration form.

The registration form will ask for:

  • A brief description of their workstation setup
  • Any pre-existing conditions, concerns, or current discomfort
  • Pictures and/or video of their workstation
  • To aid in making the most of the assessment, FaceTime/Zoom will be available, but are not required.

When complete, your employees will receive a confirmation and reminders in the time up to the appointment.

Risk Management Consultants

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