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2020 Highway Safety Days: Registration Now Closed & In-Person Highway Safety Day Programming Cancelled

As general administrator of the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation, we at Aegis Corporation have been working closely along with corporate management and counsel to ensure we are protecting the health and interests of our insureds.  

A pillar of the County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation program is to provide extensive, budget-neutral, risk management programming and services. The 2020 Highway Safety Days is a key part of this pillar with over 1,300 attendees from 40 different entities registered!  

However, with great awareness during this critical period and an eye towards safety and strong risk management practices, we have chosen to close registration and cancel the in-person program for the 2020 Highway Safety Days (HSD) and provide the program virtually via recordings instead.   

We are disappointed to not provide this training in-person but it will allow those who need to have MSHA Annual Refresher Training completed in the month of May, to do so in a timely manner. Mines are an essential service, and as such, MSHA is requiring all training be completed as required to ensure employee and visitor safety. There are no changes to the content of the refresher training - only the delivery. The alternative to Miner's Rights, "Does it Really Matter...Safety Culture," will be provided as well for those not requiring MSHA compliance or as an additional hour. 

The Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (WCMIC) & Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) Risk Management Team has decided to provide the training and annual audiometric exams through this venue: 

Refresher Training Content Delivery: Following MSHA guidelines, we are providing alternative training delivery methods, principally, online/video-based learning for your staff. The 7.5 hours of Highway Safety Day recorded program content will be made available to each registered department by Monday, May 4, 2020. Departments will have the flexibility to provide the training on one day if social distancing is achievable (such as the scheduled date when they would have attended the Highway Safety Day), or at varying locations, dates and times to accommodate staffing levels. Internet connections, and audio/video equipment will be needed to display the content to your employees. We strongly recommend taking advantage of your entity's newer training rooms/locations/board venues to improve the quality of the presentation. Registered contacts from each entity will receive instructions for accessing the program content prior to the Monday, May 4th availability.

MSHA Documentation/Pocket Cards: All documentation, such as MSHA paperwork, training logs, and an agenda will be emailed to the contacts listed during registration. MSHA pocket cards will be mailed separately. Your entity will be responsible for placing date(s) on the worksheet and MSHA pocket cards. As always, your entity is responsible for providing the 30 minutes or more of site-specific training and this training must be listed on the sheets, along with your signature next to Jodi Traas.

Audiometric Exams: As many departments rely on our offering of annual audiometric exams through American Industrial Medical (AIM), our plan is to assist in the coordination and to subsidize the cost of this service once social distancing requirements are lifted. AIM has been providing the audiometric testing for almost 10 years to our Highway Safety Day program, and it is essential to have the prior exam results to determine if any standard threshold shift changes have taken place for recordkeeping requirements and staff notification. Jodi Traas will work with AIM to coordinate these dates.

T-Shirts: Your WCMIC/CIC Risk Management Consultant will deliver your 2020 Highway Safety Day t-shirts at a later time. 

Thanks to all of you for registering as usual, as it provided the names for the necessary paperwork as well as the t-shirt sizes.

We look forward to continuing to provide you risk management services safely and responsibly.

In the end, it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, but it will be quite apparent if we under-reacted or did too little.

If you have any questions regarding the Highway Safety Days, please contact Jodi Traas, Senior Risk Management Consultant for the County Mutual & CIC at 800-511-9797 or at [email protected].

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