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Aegis Corporation Focus on Risk Management-"Workplace Bullying: There is Power in One Voice"

Bullying, it is happening in more than just our classrooms.

Workplace bullying has been a topic of national articles and several Wisconsin seminars over the past decade. Additionally, it has inspired proposed legislation as part of the Wisconsin for the Healthy Workplace Bill. Wisconsin Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts plans to reintroduce a revised version of the bill sometime during this legislative session.

Workplace bullying is not protected by any current laws unless it involves harassment based on a protected class. But bullying does not stop once you leave the workplace; it also affects older adults in our aging programs and health care centers.

Read the full article by Aegis Corporation Senior Risk Management Consultant Jodi Traas that appeared in the March issue of Wisconsin Counties magazine, "Workplace Bullying: There is Power in One Voice," by clicking here.

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