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Save the Date: Aegis Coordinating 10th Annual A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge

Aegis is excited to host the Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation's 10th Annual A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge, which will be held in-person Wednesday, October 6, 2021 in Portage County at the Portage County Sheriff’s Department Rifle Range, 2001 Willow Spring Drive, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 
Portage County Sheriff’s Department 
Rifle Range
3001 Willow Spring Drive
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Mandatory instruction for all competitors: 9:00AM to 9:30AM. If you fail to attend, YOU WILL NOT COMPETE. 
Competition will begin 9:30AM rain or shine


2021 Competition Course

  • Competitor will run 200 yards scaling a four-foot wall 20 yards after beginning the run and again the last 20 yards of the run.
  • Competitor will then fire their rifle five times at a target 100 yards down range. The rifle will be staged at the firing line.
  • Competitor will then advance the target and fire their rifle five times at a target 25 yards away.
  • Competitor will then run an additional 50 yards dragging a 150 pound dummy 25 yards with their rifle and fire their service pistol at a target five yards away while standing with their non dominant/weak hand three times, reload and fire at a target 15 yards away three times while standing.
  • Competitor will reload and fire again three times while standing at a target 25 yards away.
  • Once finished competitor will holster their pistol and run 50 yards with a dummy drag of 25 yards and engage a target with their rifle at five yards firing five times.
  • Magazine for the rifle will be staged at the firing line. Your rifle will be on your person while shooting your pistol. At no time will you be allowed to place your rifle on the ground. You may shoot your rifle from any position with the aid of optics, bipods or shooting sticks and must run with same.

2021 Point System

  • 100 Points to complete course in 90 seconds or less. For every second over 90 a point will be deducted.
  • 240 Points total for shooting. Maximum point per shot 10. Total shots fired 24.

2021 Important Details

  • All competitor’s will wear a bullet proof vest when competing.
  • Attire will be competitor’s discretion. Uniform not required.
  • Handgun must be holstered. Duty belt not required. Competitor will have three magazines or two speed loaders with nine rounds of ammunition. Handgun must be primary duty weapon optics optional. Caliber of handgun must be suitable for Law Enforcement.
  • Rifle must be 22 caliber center fire or larger. Suppressor, bipods, shooting sticks and slings as well as any other rest are allowed. Please note that you must run with any rest you intend to use as well as shoot your handgun during competition without placing same on the ground. Competitor will have three magazines with fifteen rounds of ammunition.
  • While shooting eye and ear protection is required.
  • Targets are from Qualification Target, Hammond, Wisconsin and may be viewed online.
  • Target is a BT5-OPD. The 10 portion of the target will remain 10 points. The nine portion will be 10 points. The eight portion of the target has been reduced to five points. All other remaining portions will be two points.
  • Competitor WILL NOT compete in the order that they register. Competitor’s name will be placed in a hat and drawn the day of the event to determine the order in which they compete.
  • Competitor must be a client of Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation or Community Insurance Corporation.
  • Only one competitor per department. However there is no limit to attendee’s from a department.
  • Lunch will be provided to all attendees.

2021 Prize Structure

Winning Departments:
1st Place $10,000
2nd Place $8,000
3rd Place $6,000

Winning Individuals: 
Competitors will receive a check from Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation or Community Insurance Corporation, along with a plaque. A 1099 will be issued at a later date.

1st Place $1,200
2nd Place $1,000
3rd Place. $800

Please contact Bruce Scott of Aegis (A Charles Taylor Company) at 414.491.1656.  

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